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q&a w/ the artist:

Kim Grambo is a _____ .

     a. varietal of burgundy only found in the finest of wine cellars

     b. songwriter from Detroit, Michigan

     c. hyper-offensive tea party pundit

     d. a prize-winning English Setter

In order to make money while waiting for the music to pay off, Kim Grambo ___________.

     a.  works at Google

     b,  tames shrews

     c.  owns and manages a lucrative Lebanese bakery

     d.  restoresVictorian-Era furniture

San Francisco is ________ to Kim Grambo.

     a.  dead

     b.  a  frightening breeding ground for nudist heathens

     c.  home

     d . more than a woman

Kim Grambo knows ________.

     a.  about necrotic bones

     b.  how to compliment someone in Mandarin Chinese

     c.  where to find chocolate at almost any given moment

     d.  all of the above

You should ___________ Kim Grambo.

     a.  keep listening to

     b.  imbibe in expensive liqueur as a dedication to

     c.  write a graphic novel under the penname of

     d.  curse the day you ever heard about



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